Nepali woman portrait
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Nepali woman on Dibond (aluminum)

9.500 kr. Incl. tax


This art piece is a LIMITED EDITION and only comes in 7 copies worldwide, printed on 180 gram matcoated paper, numbered, signed and stamped by the creators – a collaboration between Norframe and world traveling photographer Mads Guldager.



Photographer Mads Guldager tells: I captured this beautiful little lady at Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, Nepal. Her clothing shows that she is from the mountain areas and that she was on a pilgrim journey. She had brought flowers as a sacrificial gift to the Bo-tree. The Bo-tree is the “Tree of Enlightenment” and is the center of Buddhist worship. The tree stands in front of any stupa which is the sacred building of the Buddhists. The Boudhanath stupas is considered to be one of the largest stupas in the world. Despite the many visitors, the place exudes tranquility and magnificence. A stupa is massive and shaped like a hemisphere. The worshipers wander around the stupa clockwise in order to show respect, sacrifice flowers, and light candles like our little lady.




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