portrait of a man from nepal
portrait of a man from nepal Nepali_Man. nepali man portrait

Nepali man on Dibond (aluminum)

9.500 kr. Incl. tax


These art pieces is a LIMITED EDITION and only comes in 7 copies worldwide, printed on 180 gram matcoated paper, numbered, signed and stamped by the creators – a collaboration between Norframe and world traveling photographer Mads Guldager.



Photographer Mads Guldager tells: Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu is a sacred complex that extends along the sacred river Bagmati. The temple is one of the holiest temples of the Hindus and is erected in honor of the Hindu god Shiva. This is where the Hindus cremate their deceased. In connection with the temple there is a larger colony of holy men – the so-called Sadhu. A Sadhu gives up all material pursuits and many also abstain from sexual activity – in comparason with the monks. They live their frugal life at the temple and feed themselves by hutling and begging for gifts and money from visitors. Their days goes by sitting, praying and smoking marijuana. The vast majority have the body covered in white ash, are painted in their faces and have the distinctive dreadlocks tied up in a heavy skewed bun. I waded around among them, catching their various expressions, but fell especially for this gentleman. He expressed calm and tenderness. I was also struck by his colors – from the clothes to the beard to the hair to the scarf.





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